Top Items to Make Your Bike a Bobber

Top Items to Make Your Bike a Bobber

So you have decided that you want to convert your motorcycle into a bobber. Bobbers are becoming increasingly popular in the biking world because they allow you to really feel the road beneath you and turning your bike into a bobber will also improve your motorcycle’s performance. Even though they are simple in design there still sophisticated and appealing to look at. Of course you have heard all the stories of people who have built custom bobbers from the ground up and you’ve become interested in doing the same thing but it just sounds to intimidating. Well, turning a stock bike into a bobber can be just as rewarding as building one from “scratch” and it’s also a great way to get your feet and making custom bobbers or bikes. Converting a bike into a bobber is much cheaper than actually purchasing a rolling chassis or bobber frame which can cost thousands of dollars and it’s also less time consuming.

Here are some of the top items that you will need to turn your bike into a bobber:

Seat Kit

When it comes to transforming your bike into a bobber the seat is definitely one of the most critical elements. Most bobbers have the signature solo seats which not only provide comfort and support but it actually adds to your bike’s appearance. If your bike is a two seater that allows for an extra passenger then it may be best to remove the whole seating arranging to get that genuine classic bobber look. One of the benefits of converting your bike into a bobber is that you will be able to make your bike unique especially where the seat is concerned. You can express your style with the type of bobber solo seat you choose. There are thousands of different designs and colors to choose from. Since bikes vary in rear fender widths you may have to shop around for a solo seat that will fit your bike. You can even have a seat professionally designed according to your taste and one that conforms to your body and conforms to your bike setup. For instance, if you ride in the winter time you might be interested in purchasing a heated motorcycle seat. Heated seats are great for bikers who ride in inclement weather. A bobber saddle bag is also a great accessory to add to emphasize the character of your bobber. Once you’ve already decided on a seat, now it’s time to install it. Motorcycle seat kits makes installing your seat much easier. All kits vary to the owner’s preferred riding style. Drop seat kits drop down into the bike giving you that slammed look without you have to modify or change the bike’s suspension.

Front Fork Tool Kit

When turning a standard motorcycle into a bobber one thing you’ll have to give much consideration to is the front forks. Choosing front forks for your bike can actually be difficult because there are so many on the market that completely alters the look of your bike. Most bikers automatically choose front forks with modern looks but there are also front forks that will give your bike a classic feel, such as Girder Forks. A front fork tool kit will help you properly install the front forks on your bike. Proper installation of a bobber’s front fork is extremely important because the front forks is what prevent excessive weight from bearing down on the front wheel from sudden applications and it also helps the wheel handle things like braking and changes in direction.

Tools for Chopping Fender

Now everyone knows that the signature style of a bobber is it’s chopped fender. Yes, there known for having their fenders shortened. Cutting your bike’s rear fender can be tricky because you don’t want to make a big mistake that can mess it up. There are several tools you can use to shorten your fender. You can use a plain ole hacksaw with a fine tool blade. This is probably the least inexpensive way of chopping off your fender. You can find this type of hacksaw at your local home improvement store. Although using a hacksaw is cheaper, it may require multiple cuts in order to get right look and that radiused finish. Also, a hacksaw will cut in a straight line.

An electric jigsaw cutter is an alternative option to cutting your fender. Beware, because cutting with a jigsaw can result in a scraped line. You can also use an angle grinder. Angle grinders are popular choice of tool amongst biking enthusiasts who often work on motorcycles. A 4 inch grinder is recommended. Whatever options you choose remember that you can also paint over the fender or have it re-chromed. Safety equipment such as a face shield and ear protection are also recommended when using various tools to cut into your fender.

Bobber Conversion Kit

Bobber conversion kits help you take your standard stock bike and transform it into a unique bobber. You can find bobber kits from so many different biking companies. Depending on the kit you purchase, they can help you change your rear fender and on some bikes the front fender. Most kits include items to change the seat, license and handle bars which are optional. Bobber conversion kits often vary in the design outcome and they include everything you need to down to the nuts and bolts.

Useful Tools –    Air powered ratchets – helps to quickly assemble and dissemble bolted components.
–    Impact Gun- Mostly used to dissemble a bike’s front forks
–    Vacuum Gun – drills holes and removes dirt
–    Blow Gun – A blow gun helps give your bike that finish look by removing dust from the bodywork and also by cleaning out your motorcycle’s carburetor.

These are some valuable items you’ll need in transforming your treasured motorcycle into a bobber. Before you begin your project it’s important to make a list of items or tools you feel comfortable using so you do as great a job as possible.

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