KickStage Sticker (Pre-Sale) Ships in January

KickStage Sticker (Pre-Sale) Ships in January

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The kickstage is all about making your bike look good while on display. 

As social media has become more and more popular riders all around the world share their photos of their bikes. With such a large online community of riders we noticed the same trend over and over again; most riders primarily take photos of the right side of their bike because of the way the bike leans while resting on its kickstand. We also noticed that photos of the left side of the bikes tend to involve either leaning the bike up against a wall or placing a rock underneath the kickstand.

The KickStage eliminates the use of rocks.

As amazing as your bike looks, placing a rock underneath the kickstand may give it a better stance, but ultimately it ends up being a distraction. Just like most riders, we know what it is like to use rocks, bricks and other household items to posture a bike upright for a nice photo, but those days are over!

Introducing The KickStage

 Perfect for Oil Changes

 Most riders tend to become bike mechanics in one way or another, and many have experienced how impossible it is to get all of the oil out of the bike while it's leaning on its kickstand.  The KickStage will give you the extra tilt you need to help drain out all the excess oil during oil changes.

Made In The USA:

The Kickstage is made with a combination of locally sourced materials and tough European leather.  With in-house manufacturing capabilities Bobbercycle will immediately start the production process. Our in-house manufacturing process will allow us to deliver the Kickstage to you in weeks not months.

 Built to Last:

The KickStage is tough, made of 10 gauge cold rolled carbon steel. It can withstand as much as 1000 lbs of pressure. At the top of the KickStage your bike will rest on a pad of thick European leather.

Some of the amazing features of this product:

  • Made in USA
  • 11 Gauge Steel
  • Precision CNC Cut
  • Formed Steel
  • Powder Coated
  • Genuine European Leather
  • Wide Compatibility

You will fall in love instantly with the KickStage Dice!

Our Rewards:

Along with the KickStage we are offering a few extra items to backers who are generously helping us reach our goal. These items include the KickStage, our very own Kickstand Pad and the KickStage keychain.

With our KickStage kickstand pad, you can easily place it underneath your bike’s kickstand and allow it to act as a protective base that displaces the weight of your bike and prevents your kickstand from sinking into the ground. It is one of the best investments you can make to keep your bike safe.

 The KickStage keychain is a nice leather attachment that you can add to your bike’s keychain and show others that you backed our project and helped to make the KickStage become a reality.

The KickStage is the missing link in the history of motorcycle photography, video and anything involving putting motorcycles on display. Be one of the first to start using it by backing this project today and making history together.

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